Our Values and Beliefs

Our Mission

Embracing others like Jesus has embraced us.

Our Values

Embraced by Jesus

Our Vision

We commit to following Jesus wherever He leads. In doing so,

  1. We will worship Him without hesitation
  2. We will be His students for life
  3. We will love and support each other
  4. We will use our gifts, talents, and resources for the greatest good
  5. We will bring others to Jesus’ embrace, from our neighborhood to the farthest corner of our planet

Our Beliefs

At Jesus Embraced, we are a gathering of Christians. We have been taken in by our Lord, the Christ, and forgiven of our wrongdoings. Jesus truly has embraced us. Because of His embracing, we have become His followers. We love Him and seek to obey Him in all things.

Historical Creeds: We seek a fresh experience with God every day, but we also accept the traditional doctrines and the ecumenical creeds that have been held by Christians for almost two thousand years.

His Word: We hold the Bible as our final authority in all matters of faith and practice, which is why one of our values is that “we live by His word.”

His Spirit: We know that the Holy Spirit has come to indwell each of us and readily provides us with guidance, empowerment, and comfort on a daily basis, which is why one of our values is that “we are led by His Spirit.”

Loving Others: We realize that He has brought all believers together as one body, of which He is the head. We are meant to be closer than a family, to support, exhort, and encourage each other, which is why one of our values is that “we care for one another.”

Eric and Amy are under the leadership of Inland Vineyard Church in Corona, CA, and through them associate with the Association of Vineyard Churches, a community of about 600 congregations in the USA and over 2400 churches worldwide. Learn more about the beliefs of our movement at vineyardusa.org.