We craft Bible studies that are intended to bring people closer to Jesus and to each other.

Experience our unique Bible studies that are highly relational and Christ-centered, where you and others gather together to learn, share, and actually do the stuff of the faith.

At Jesus Embraced, we believe that there is great joy and soul-satisfaction in following Jesus. Our hope is that you’ll join us in the adventure…

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Jesus Embraced Parenting

Jesus Embraced Parenting

Be a Show-and-Tell Parent
Hi there, our names are Amy and Eric and we are normal parents trying to raise our kids to become successful Christian adults in a modern world. We love being parents and often it’s fun but it’s not easy, which is probably the same story for you.

All of us want our kids to succeed in life, but what does that look like for a Christian? In this Bible study we will consider how to nurture the fruit of the Spirit in our kids, from love to patience, from goodness to self-control.

How can we show our kids what it means to follow Jesus? What should we be telling them about our faith and morals?

Jesus Embraced Parenting is a 10-week Bible study experience that is meant to be done, not just read, and includes a Prayer Experience and a family Serve Experience.

Jesus Embraced Parenting is available at major bookstores, in trade paperback, hardback, and e-book formats, including:

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Bible Studies That Bring Us Closer

Our Bible studies are meant to be done in groups. They are a shared experience, where we all learn and take risks.

Jesus Embraced studies center around sharing our life experiences as fellow believers. We grow the most when we journey together as Christians.

Our Bible studies are meant to be done, not just listened to. Yes, we read and answer serious questions, but we also put it into action. Every study includes group experiences that help us actually do the stuff we’re learning about.

During our group studies we talk about real life and discuss what it truly means to follow Jesus. We dig for answers and help each other to follow Jesus more closely.

Jesus Embraced studies are meant to draw us closer to our Lord and help us yield to the Holy Spirit’s leading for our life.

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Jesus Embraced Parenting

We are so excited to announce that Jesus Embraced Parenting will be available for purchase on September 1st, 2022. The accompanying Group Leader Guide will be available by September 15, 2022. This is coming out…

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