Jesus Embraced Parenting

Spiritual Kids

Jesus Embraced Parenting

Sometimes we forget that our kids have their own relationship with the Lord. The Holy Spirit is working in the lives every day, whether we realize it or not.

In everyone’s life there comes a time for a decision, a moment when we either choose to accept Jesus’ offer of salvation or refuse it. We can either embrace him or reject him. The same is true for our kids. As parents we ought to encourage them to seek Jesus and we should share with them our own spiritual journey.

Entering into salvation changes us, and the Holy Spirit continues that changing from that day forward. We become a spiritually alive person, a new creation in Christ. The same is true for our kids, so we also need to remember to encourage them to continue growing in their own relationship with our Lord.

We invite others to join us in discovering what it’s like to be a Christian parent who teaches and models God’s truth to their kids. Jesus Embraced Parenting asks tough questions at times, but it is so worth learning how to help our children grow spiritually.

God bless,

Eric and Amy

Eric and Amy
Windblown day in
Palm Springs

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