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Calimesa Study

Jesus Embraced Parenting, a group Bible study to be held in Calimesa CA starting 9/08/22.

Jesus Embraced Parenting is a group Bible study that will be held in Calimesa, CA.

All of us want our children to succeed in life, but what does that look like for a Christian? In this Bible study we will consider how to nurture the fruit of the Spirit in our kids, from love to patience, from goodness to self-control. How can we show our kids what it means to follow Jesus? What should we be telling them about our faith and morals?

This book is a 10-week Bible study experience that is meant to be done, not just listened to, and includes a Prayer Experience and a family Serve Experience.

Jesus Embraced Parenting

Join us, starting September 8th, at the Calimesa Worship Center, for the 10-session Jesus Embraced Parenting study.

This group will be led by Eric and Amy Lorenzen.

Limited Space
Cost: $0
Youth Group and Child Care Available

Reserve Your Place- Sign Up Today

This Jesus Embraced Parenting group Bible study is
graciously hosted by Foothill Bible Church.

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