Jesus Embraced Parenting

Loving Our Kids

Jesus Embraced Parenting

Being a parent is so worth it. Amy and I embrace the responsibility because we so appreciate our kids. Our two guys are fun and smart and silly at times. They ask tough questions, show compassion, and sometimes do stupid stuff. They are just two kids trying to grow up in this crazy world, and we want to be there to help them through it all.
-Eric (and Amy)

We wrote Jesus Embraced Parenting because we realized that being a parent is so much more than just providing for the physical and emotional needs of our kids; we can’t neglect their spiritual needs.

One of the fruits of the spirit is love., so we want to nurture that in our kids. We want them to learn how to love God and their fellow humans. We want to model that love to them and also teach them the Biblical truth that Jesus modeled to us- that love is essential for us as Christians. We can’t be Christians without having love because God Himself is love.

We invite others to join us in discovering what it’s like to be a Christian parent who teaches and models God’s truth to their kids. This study asks tough questions at times, but it is so worth learning how to help our children grow spiritually.

God bless,

Eric and Amy

Eric and Amy
Windblown day in
Palm Springs

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