Jesus Embraced Parenting

Parental Love

If only our kids were exact copies of us, then we could easily figure out how to show them love- just do whatever fills our own heart. But each kid is different, so we need to show them love in a way that they can understand. We need to show them love in whatever way makes their heart sing for joy.

We wrote Jesus Embraced Parenting because we realize that being a parent is a challenge at times (but it is so worth it), and we think that God offers us great advice on how to be the best parents possible.

One of the fruits of the spirit is love., so we want our kids to know that we love them, that God loves them, and that it is important for them to love others too.

We invite others to join us in discovering what it’s like to be a Christian parent who teaches and models God’s truth to their kids. This study asks tough questions at times, but it is so worth learning how to help our children grow spiritually.

God bless,

Eric and Amy

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